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Gems Investment Partners uses the highest levels of Internet Security, and it is secured by 256 bits SSL security encryption to ensure that your information is completely protected from fraud.

Two Factor Auth

Two-factor authentication (2FA) by default on all Gem Investment Partners trade accounts, to securely protect you from unauthorised access and impersonation.

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It’s our mission to provide you with a delightful and a successful trading experience!


We are outstanding when it comes to managing risk in order to capitalize on opportunities and improve our performance.

You're In Control

Experience total and seamless account control like never before with our innovative and user-friendly dashboard crafted just for you.

Fast execution

Super-fast trading software, so you never suffer slippage.

Ultimate Security

Strict measures has been put in place to ensure that clients' funds, assets and information are completely safe and fully secured.

24/7 live chat Support

We have a dedicated team of support staff who are always online and available to answer to your requests and attend to all your issues.

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Get your hands on our customized Trading Platform with the comfort of freely trading on the move, to experience truly liberating trading sessions.

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Our Investment Packages

Choose how you want to invest with us

Starter (1% ROI daily)

$ 50

31 Days

  • Min. Possible deposit: $50
  • Max. Possible deposit: $1000
  • 1.6% Ref Bonus
Classic (1.5% ROI daily)

$ 1000

31 Days

  • Min. Possible deposit: $1000
  • Max. Possible deposit: $20000
  • 2% Ref Bonus
Premium (2% ROI daily)

$ 20000

31 Days

  • Min. Possible deposit: $20000
  • Max. Possible deposit: $50000
  • 1.98% Ref Bonus
Platinum (2.5% ROI daily)

$ 50000

31 days

  • Min. Possible deposit: $50000
  • Max. Possible deposit: $1000000
  • 2 Ref Bonus


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Research and Insight

The New Investment Paradigm The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift to a new investment paradigm, characterized by near-zero interest rates, coordinated monetary and fiscal policy, and heightened internal and external conflict. While the pandemic was an accelerant, we believe this shift was inevitable and that the key elements of this new environment will remain long after the virus passes.